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A weapon cannot fire without an ammo type.

Ammo TypeNormalThis determines if the ammo is just a regular bullet, or a type of C4 explosive.
What is the W3D model that this projectile fires
ShouldPrelighttrueDoes the bullet have dynamic lighting applied to it, or is it full bright?
Warhead(can vary)

What warhead (from armor.ini) does the ammo have?

Damage1.000How much damage does the weapon do per shot?

After the weapon has gone beyond DamageFalloffRangeEnd meters, how much damage does it do? This is interpolated between the full damage and this damage in between DamageFalloffRangeStart and DamageFalloffRangeEnd.

(Eg. A shot with Damage=10, DamageAfterFalloff=1, DamageFalloffRangeStart=25, DamageFalloffRangeEnd=75 will do 10 damage up to 25 meters, 5 damage at 50 meters and 1 damage at 75 meters and beyond.)

Range10How far (in meters) can this projectile go? The weapon actually goes about 20% further than this, however, if it uses a projectile. Hitscan weapons will stop exactly at this distance.
DamageFalloffRangeStart-1.000Where does the damage falloff start, in meters. If set to -1, then the weapon does not use falloff.
DamageFalloffRangeEnd-1.000Where does the damage falloff end, in meters. If set to -1, then the weapon does not use falloff.
EffectiveRange10What is the optimum range to use this weapon at? This is primarily used for AI bots.

At what range does the targeting box turn up? This is traditionally set 20% higher than the weapon's range, to make that match the ACTUAL range.

Velocity1How fast in m/s does the projectile go? Note: If a projectile is over a certain velocity (set in HitscanVelocityThreshold, in General under Global Settings>General in Mammoth, usually it's 1000m/s) then the projectile will be hitscan, and hit instantly.
ProjectileExtent0.000, 0.000, 0.000

How big is the projectile? If it's all set to 0, then the projectile will be a point. Length, width, height.

IsDamageZonefalseIf this is set, then the weapon that uses it will just "project" damage, in a ProjectileExtent zone in front of the muzzle. This damage will always hit.
Gravity0.000How much gravity does the projectile have, simulating a ballistic curve.
Elasticity1.000How "bouncy" is the projectile?
Rate of Fire1.000How fast does the weapon fire. This is in Rounds per Second, to convert to RPM, divide the RPM by 60.
SprayAngle0.000How wide is the weapon's cone of fire in degrees.
SprayAngleIncreasePerShot0.000How much does the spray angle increase after every shot?
MaxSprayAngle0.000What's the biggest the increased spray can be?

Does the gun ignore the increased spray angle?

SprayCount1How many shots per shot does the weapon fire? (A rifle will most likely fire 1 shot, a shotgun would fire multiple.)

How many bullets out of the weapon's clip does this ammo use up per shot?


If the weapon fires a burst, how long does it take between bursts? (A weapon could have a higher ROF with a longer burst, and a normal full auto mode with a normal ROF.)


How many shots constitute a burst? The gun will fire this many shots before stopping. (If the weapon is out of ammo during the burst, the gun won't fire after reloading.)

IsSemiAutomaticfalseIF set to true, then you will have to re-click every time you want to fire a shot.
SoftPierceLimit0If set up right, then a shot from this weapon will penetrate this many objects?
TurnRate0If the projectile is tracking, then it will turn this many degrees per second to try and hit it's target.
TimeActivatefalseIf set to true, then the weapon will explode at the end of it's lifespan.
TerrainActivatedfalseIf set to true, then the weapon will explode when it hits the terrain.
When the projectile explodes (if it reaches the end of it's travel or if it hits the terrain and the appropriate flags are set), this explosion will be spawned.

How far off the target will this projectile track to, roughly?


Creates a debug box between the the muzzle and the point the weapon would hit.

ChargeTime0.000How long does this ammo take to fire? Charge flags might need to be set.
This sound will play continuously while the weapon fires.
This sound will play every time it fires.
This sound will play on the first shot of the burst.

This emitter will be emitted from the muzzle continuously while the weapon fires.

MaxBounces0How many times will this projectile bounce off the terrain?

Will the shots hit an object that is the parent of the firer? Useful for multi-turreted vehicles.

C4TriggerTime10.000I honestly don't know what these do.
HitterTypeBulletWhat surface effect does this bullet generate when it hits something?
What beacon object does this ammo spawn when fired, if the weapon is a beacon?
BeamEnabledfalseDoes this weapon have a bullet beam effect? (This is most useful on hitscan weapons.)
BeamColor1.000, 1.000, 1.000An RGB triplet for the beam colour, in 0-1 space. (To convert from regular RGB, divide the values by 255.)
BeamTime0.300How long does the beam last for?
BeamWidth0.250How wide is the beam, in meters?
BeamEndCapstrueDoes the beam taper off and finish at the ends of the beam?
What texture does the beam have?
BeamSubdivisionEnabledfalseDoes the beam subdivide and jink about? This is useful for electrical weapons, such as tesla weaponry.
BeamSubdivisionFrozenfalseDoes the subdivision stay as is when it is generated? If true, what the beam starts as is how it stays, false and the beam will dynamically animate around.
BeamSubdivisionScale1.000How big is the subdivision? How much does it jink about?
GrenadeSafetyTime0.000If a projectile explodes, how long does it have to have been flying through the air before it will actually explode?

If the ammo's model has an animation, if this is ticked, it will be played as the projectile flies through the air.

Useful for C4 with a timer animation on them.

Thrown C4 Preset
If this is C4, what is the C4 Preset that it uses to represent it?
DisableHitscanfalseIf the ammo's velocity is above the hitscan threshold, having this ticked will ignore that threshold and instead create it as a physically simulated bullet as normal.
AutoAdjustMuzzlesOnEnemyTargetfalseIf enabled, the muzzles of the weapon will point towards an enemy target, if that target is under the aiming reticule.
CanShatterMeshestrueIf disabled, this projectile will not shatter meshes that are set to "Shatter" in 3DS Max.

Does this ammo track (it will attempt to fly to the point under the reticule or the target under the reticule)?

TrackingIgnoreTargetfalseIf set, the ammo won't track targets, it will only attempt to fly to the point under the reticule at fire time.

How long does it take the weapon to lock? This is most useful with an appropriate texture set for a locking indicator in hud.ini.

UntrackTime0.000How long does a weapon stay locked, once locked? This is useful for fast movers that can't maintain a lock on for very long, and yet need to be locked on to a target.
RecoilStrength0.000How much recoil strength does this ammo type impart to the gun. See the recoil page for more details.
CanLockOnto...All ticked

These tickboxes determine the type of vehicles that this ammo type can lock onto. This is based on the Type field in a vehicle object. There are 9 types:

  • Car
  • Tank
  • Bike
  • Aircraft_VTOL
  • Turret
  • Boat
  • Sub
  • Hover
  • Aircraft_CTOL

These are all fairly arbitrary, and need to be set up correctly in the vehicles to make sense. This is useful for something like a stinger missile, where it should only lock onto aircraft. (Combined with the CannotFireWithoutLock flag in the weapon, this can feel really nice.)

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