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  • Overview

Interim Apex (Typically referred to in the community as "IA") is an extensive modification to Command and Conquer Renegade that gives a massive addition of units, characters and weapons to purchase. Although the gameplay typically follows the same suit and characteristics of C&C Renegade the addition of new units and maps drastically increases the possibilities of carrying out gameplay. On September 18th, 2018 the game joined forces with W3Dhub and became available as a downloadable game on their launcher. Since the beginning, the game has been and is spearheaded by Dblaney1 and Kaskins with small updates being regularly released.

Table of Contents:

  • History

    *Note: Approved by Kaskins (The main founder of Interim Apex itself)

In 2010, ImperialKaskins made a popular map called Great Wall which was hosted on the MPF (Multiplayer Forums) Renegade server. The popularity of this map eventually resulted in Kaskins making more maps over the course of the next few years with the help of MPF staff members such as Zunnie (R.I.P). These maps eventually formed the base for what would become the Imperial Age mod for Renegade. With the team of Kaskins, Dblaney and KTTF, the Imperial Age mod became popular and had a good following alongside the MPF Newmaps server and Zunnie’s own TCW (Tiberium Crystal War) mod for Renegade. Kaskins began to single handily model and texture a multitude of different vehicles which can now be found in-game.

However, after some internal disputes with MPF, the team decided to leave and transfer the project to be hosted at W3D Hub in 2018 with the help of Jerad2142. At this point the mod was also renamed to Interim Apex (According to Kaskins, the most popular things in business start with an “I”) and greatly expanded upon. The release of the new and improved Interim Apex on the W3D Hub launcher and as a Renegade TTFS mod proved to be very popular and successful amongst the player base, gaining a lot of notoriety around the community. With Kaskins at the helm for visuals and Dblaney in the background with coding, the game came out the gates strong and was subsequently updated for balancing in 2019.

Right now the game can be played for free on the W3D Hub launcher and will also soon be joinable from W3D Hub’s new GSH (Game Server Hub) system that is due to go live later in 2020.

*Note: Kaskins would like it personally known that Interim Apex currently has no relation to MPF as the mod was wholly created by him and his teams efforts (Most namely KTFF and Dblaney). The project continues to be hosted and proudly part of the W3D Hub community.

  • Gameplay

Interim Apex as a whole follows suit the gameplay of Renegade for the most part, however a large role of the game is selecting a multitude of options previously unexplored. The game starts off in typical Renegade fashion with a GDI vs Nod multiplayer death match gameplay. Interim Apex offers the choice of over 40 different vehicles per team including dedicated Anti Air, 36 Inch Naval Cannon Mammoth Tanks, experimental Stealth Tanks and Nuclear Artillery. With this different variety the match will quickly evolve to be different from the last and guarantee that each battle is unique. Although a lot of the game is land based warfare as mentioned, Interim Apex has since refined the W3D engine to the point that Naval Warfare is another possible way to fight your enemies with a multitude of ships at disposal.

A predominant feature also in Interim Apex is the ability to acquire veteran points which will go towards a consistent upgrade system to your character/vehicle. In short, destroying your opponent will grant you more health, the ability to gain weapons or vehicles on spot and give you more armor.

In one of the more unique concepts of IA, some maps have a Construction Yard that will not only auto repair buildings but also allow you to purchase them back should they be destroyed. A player cannot buy back the Construction Yard itself however. Throughout some maps there are also capturable "Forgotten" buildings that will allow one to either stronghold a defense, build unique vehicles or even construct Naval ships.

Economy is still managed through credits although there are some additions that give a unique edge to the game. Players are now able to capture trucks filled with Tiberium to sell, purchase harvesters for different types (colors) of Tiberium and capture silos/ATM Machines on some maps that give extra credits. In typical Renegade fashion each match is decided by ether complete base destruction, point accumulation, or a pedestal beacon. It should be noted that most matches go on between 1-2 hours.

  • Current State

The game is monitored and updated by the staff at and being spearheaded by Dblaney1 and Kaskins with small updates being regularly released. The last major update included a massive overhaul of flight mechanics, the addition of a very powerful ICBM launcher, some changes to infantry health/ammo and most notably another map added to the rotation (Winter Assault).

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