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  • STOVLPhys is a derivative of CTOL Aircraft, which incorporates VTOL physics and allows switching between CTOL and VTOL flight modes.
  • To create a vehicle with this physics class, set it to the appropriate physics definition and change it to "CTOL Aircraft" in the vehicle definition
  • The settings match the requirements of CTOL physics, but are extended at the end with VTOL parameters as well.
  • By default, a STOVL aircraft will spawn in VTOL mode.
  • Switching can be done by assigning a button, currently the "drop flag" command is free (currently not in the controls menu, edit input01.cfg in your documents folder, add DropFlag_Primary=KEYNAME)
  • Update the script attached to the vehicle (use "IJ_Aircraft_LandingZone_Aircraft" instead of the old one with a similar name)
  • Switching flight modes is only possible if the vehicle is close to level and not spinning too fast. The parameters for this can be set in the physics definition
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