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Comment: F.A.V. C4 Info. Flamming (putting C4 on vehicles) is not allowed


Infrared Stealth Tank

Price: 2400 2850 Credits

Armament:  Laser Blast / Charged up Laser Blast


Strengths (Rating against): Infantry (10/10) , Power Armor (10/10) , Light Armor Vehicles (9/10) ,  Buildings (7/10) ,  Heavy Armor (5/10) , Defenses (5/10) 


Special Notes/Tactics: The ultimate all around support unit and incredibly deadly. The infrared tank is an incredible asset to anything it participates in. To start off, the laser blast is a fast firing short/medium range weapon that will burn to death any infantry it encounters whilst dealing great initial damage. The charged up laser blast gives this stealth'd unit a great long range punch that is useful for hitting heavy unit weak spots or sniping from behind in a large Nod rush. Be aware though that this unit cannot face off in direct open combat against Titans or Railgun mammoths unless you're planning on taking cover. Once the armor is gone, you're skating on thin ice. Use this unit in any situation you please, you honestly could only use this unit if you really wanted to. However, if GDI is about to rush heavy vehicles only and or aircraft, this may not be the best option.


Aside from the obvious offensive infantry capability, use this vehicle as a distraction to allow your units to maneuver into position while everyone is trying to hit you. You can also use this vehicle to hop out, fire hop in, reload your infantry weapon while driving and hop out again. The other main purpose I would give this vehicle is using it with a Nod fanatics. Assuming you can move next to a vehicle or infantry, you can hop out and blow yourself up. Likewise, you can use this vehicle to drive next to a Mammoth 36 inch and plant dynamite as a Nod Tank Ace.Also, if you feeling lucky, try put ALOTS of C4 and blow up something. Turrets or vehicles, whatever. Remember, turrets and some vehicles  really hurts, you can loose not only vehicle, but also time.

Weakspot(s): Everywhere


Mobile Tracked Repair Vehicle


Whilst you shouldn't have to much of a problem with Light Armor Vehicles, be aware when squaring off with GDI heavy armor. There are plenty of units that can half your health if not outright 1 hit kill you. Wait for a Titan Railgun or a Mammoth 36 Inch to fire before going out and attacking them. Never try to 1v1 a Titan Railgun unless you're buying time for your team to do something. Same goes with a Mammoth Railgun. However, if you're supporting your team you will find your laser a great addition while GDI is distracted dealing with your teammates.

Weakspot(s): Top , Rear


Infritraror Infiltrator Melta

Price: 950 Credits (question)

Armament:  Twin Melta Guns


Use it only when some GDI player trying to show his superrior armor and fire power by picking something like mamonth tank(reilgun, 34 ench, whatever).  just remember to attack closely to enemy, making it unable to shoot you.

Weakspot(s): Top.


Stealth Tank9K-52 Luna V2

Price: 800 950 Credits

Armament:  Dragon TOW MissilesBallistic V2 Missile

Health(Max Upgraded)/Armor(Max Upgraded):


Armor Class: Light

Weaknesses: AVRE Mortar Tank (1 Hit K/O) , Mammoth Tank Railguns , Titan Railguns , Mobile Sensor ArraysDirect Combat with any tank , Personal Ion Cannons , Combat from Rear of Vehicle

Strengths (Rating against): Defenses (10/10) , Buildings (910/10) , Mammoth 36 Inch (7/10) , Light Heavy Armor Vehicles (74/10) , Anti-Aircraft Infantry (74/10) , Heavy Armor (5Anti-Aircraft (4/10)

Special Notes/Tactics: The stealth tank has always been a Renegade favorite and for good reason. The Interim Apex stealth tank is fast and a great addition to any rush that Nod may be organizing. You should use this unit to kill light GDI vehicles while scouting the field giving info to your team. If no GDI Vehicles are present then rack up some points by using your TOW Missiles to hit defenses and buildings. Always use left click (tracking) missiles against any target you encounter. Only use right click (non-tracking) missiles against buildings. Non-Tracking missiles have a little farther range than the tracking missiles. This range bonus can be used for targets that are just out of your range. Another tactic to bear in mind is that you can hop out of your stealth tank and use your infantry weapon then hop back in and not be seen. This bears extreme usage when you have an AGT or ADATS gun as you can deal massive damage then move away with little resistance.Stupid powerful for the price. If you can master the aiming and hit targets every time, you'll essentially have a mobile machine of death. The Luna is a very powerful and fast missile launcher that should be used against any structure you lay your eyes on. However, you can also use it with incredible effect against mammoth 36 inch Tanks should you desire due to how large they are. The main weaknesses of this unit are going to be any type of sustained combat or fire you take as the long reload and firing of your rocket can only do so much in close quarters. Some unknown weaknesses of this unit however is the cost of missing your target. If you keep missing your target you will not only give away your teams position but also be wasting time/energy when you could have gotten an easier to use unit. Of course the risk is up to you.. but this is not an easy unit to master if you can't aim for shit. All this being said you can blow up 34% of an AGT per shot. Shoot 3 missiles and it's game. 



Stealth Tank

Price: 800 Credits