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Special Notes/Tactics: The ultimate all around support unit and incredibly deadly. The infrared tank is an asset to anything it participates in. To start off, the laser blast is a fast firing short/medium range weapon that will burn to death any infantry it encounters whilst dealing great initial damage. Actually now it deals damage compared to direct damage of flame tank. That also means that it's enough to destroy building really fast. 3 Infrared tanks able to demolish buildings in seconds. The charged up laser blast gives this stealth'd unit a great long range punch that is useful for hitting heavy unit weak spots or sniping from behind in a large Nod rush. Be aware though that this unit cannot face off in direct open combat against Titans or Railgun mammoths unless you're planning on taking cover. Once the armor is gone, you're skating on thin ice. Use this unit in any situation you please, you honestly could only use this unit if you really wanted to. However, if GDI is about to rush heavy vehicles only and or aircraft, this may not be the best option. A noteworthy tactic is the fact that three of these units will be able to quickly take down a building and hold their own versus and other type of unit. If your team is floating on credits and want a effective rush, it's something to consider.

Weakspot(s): Optics , Tank Treads ,


Use it only when some GDI player trying to show his superrior armor and fire power by picking something like mamonth tank(reilgun, 34 ench, whatever).  just remember to attack closely to enemy, making it unable to shoot you.

Weakspot(s): Top.


9K-52 Luna V29K52 Luna-M (V2)

Price: 950 Credits

Armament:  Ballistic V2 Missile