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Comment: SU-122-44


Price: 1200 (?) Credits

Armament:  75mm gun {5 shots per mag}/M249 Coaxial MG

Health(Max Upgraded)/Armor(Max Upgraded):

Speed (k/h):

Armor Class: HeavyMedium

Weaknesses: Fast long range vehicles, Aircraft, instant hit vehiclesMammoth 36 Inch, Titan Railgun, TOW Humvee, Challenger II, Close Combat with Heavy Armor, Aircraft

Strengths (Rating against):  Suicide Rushes into enemy base (9Light Vehicles (7/10) , Infantry Defenses (7/10) , Light Vehicles (4Heavy Armor (6/10) , Infantry (5/10)

Special Notes/Tactics: Some kind of "hit and run" vehicle. Better to use this agains heavy slow units, like mamonth, and better in dual.

Classic medium damage agains almost any vehicles. Coaxial is good, but it's worth to try one shot infantry with 75mm. Don't try to use it against Aircraft and long range/instant hit units.

Still, this tank pretty fast, use it as dark souls dodger(yep, you diying easy too, be careful).

At the end of battle rarely useful, next time it's not best choiceA bargain tank destroyer, the AAI RDF utilizes its 5 round burst of 75mm shells to bring GDI Light vehicles to their knees. This vehicle should be bought when and if GDI is fielding a lot of armor early game. The low price will allow you to buy a vehicle that can tear up Light armor but also assist your team taking down heavier threats mid-game. Don't try to hit heavy armor by yourself as you will die to superior firepower. Late game this unit loses out in usefulness to the T-62 but at the start, you can really use this tank to hold the field and get off some good shots at defenses. If you're lucky enough, you can one shot infantry but be aware of your long reload time.

Weakspot(s): Turret Hatch , Treads/Wheels , Rear , optics , under armor



Price: 1250 1250 (question) Credits

Armament:  Firefly Laser turret122mm Gun

Health(Max Upgraded)/Armor(Max Upgraded):


Weaknesses: Heavy Armor , Light Armor harrasment harassment , Personal Ion Cannons , Explosive Charges of any kind , Aircraft

Strengths (Rating against): 36 inch(8Heavy Armor (5/10) , Light Armor (6/10)...

Special Notes/Tactics: (To Threve)(try it out, really good armor destroyer)This is not a bad tank. The gun does very acceptable damage, the range is quite good and the armor holds up against many types of damage. The only problem is that there are far better tanks in-game. Most namely (for almost the same price) the T-62. With the T-62 you'll gain nearly double the firepower, reload speed and have the same armor/health. Most importantly you'll be able to have a turret that can turn a full 360 degrees and a slightly faster/even speed to the SU-122. Buy the T-62. Don't buy this unit.

The only reasonable situation you would ever find yourself in using this tank is if your Airfield got blown up and you acquired this vehicle from a crate or random chance. In that case you need to be aware of your rear at all times as turning movement is very limited. Next up, you should be using this unit in a defensive role at best where you hit units far out from your base and fall back to repair at the repair facility. If your team is rallying back and your airfield is still lost then use this unit to take out GDI defenses or harass their harvester. The long range from the cannon will enable you to help out where needed against structures or large vehicles while maintaining a safe distance.

Weakspot(s): Turret Hatch , Treads/Wheels , Rear