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Location: Top Deck of Aircraft Carrier

- Ice Cream Cart


Weapons: Ice Cream Sandwhich (-10 Damage) , Ice Cream Bar (100 Damage)

Location: Nearby the gravestones (with the Canadian and USA flags) next to the Police Station. It'll be on the side of an outside building on the very edge. Look at your radar to confirm PT.

- IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle)


*Note: Special thanks to Killing_You for providing information on this.


Cost: $6,000?

Weapons: None

Location: Located next to San Casina Speedway entrance. (Where the tall crane is located nearby the Hospital)


Cost: $2,000

Weapons: None , *As of Jan. 29th 2019 it is unusable when it spawns. Will just glitch out into space when purchased*


Location: When spawning, first go to the Chalet and then look around on the Island. Head South to South East on the Chalet Island untill you're near the water. Almost at the corner you'll see a PT hidden on a tree. It will be here. Sometimes it'll switch places for some strange reason. If it's not on the east side as I said above, it's on the opposite side instead (west).

- War Train

Cost: $120,000

Weapons: Dual 20mm Gatling Cannons, Train Horn.  ( Most Powerful unit in the game )

Location: When spawning, first go to the Chalet and then look around on the Island. You should then see another Island that looks like an Airfield. This will contain a mini tent that inside has the War Train available to purchase.