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Expansive Civilian Warfare (Typically referred to in the community as "ECW") is a very extensive massive open world modification to Command and Conquer Renegade. ECW features over 100 different weapons, vehicles and a space of 100,000×150,000 meters to explore. This gives the primary "mission" or purpose of the game on discovering everything the map/town "San Casina" has to offer and also work/earn money towards it. Though (as with most open world games) the purpose of the game and how to play is ultimately left up to the player. Originally developed as another heavily modded map for Renegade called "Roleplay2" the game is now being headed and developed under the name ECW by the good people at and most notably Jerad2142.

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Table of Contents:

Table of Contents


Besides player vs player fighting (which is generally frowned upon/uncommon in-game due to the nature of it), the main combat system comes from police or other A.I. Attacking other A.I. players cars or police vehicles will cause you to earn a "Bounty" which will start to quickly evolve as your habits against the world turn more and more aggressive. Attacking the police (successfully) will cause their tactics and weaponry to increase as well until your eventual death or arrest. Upon arrest you will then be spawned into jail where you cannot leave until you ether pay a heavy fine or stay a certain amount of time based on your bounty before you got caught.