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Despite the obvious importance placed on teamwork each team also has a mine layer which is tasked with single-handedly helping to hold the front. Allied Mine Layers have Anti-Tank Mines while Soviet Mine Layers have Anti-Personnel Mines. These vehicles can stop an attack in its tracks. Another important unit is the Allied commando, known by the name of Tanya, that holds very heavy firepower and can single-handedly destroy a building by herself. However, she must first bypass landmines and has no offensive capabilities against vehicles. There are of course other units that directly copy their RTS counterpart such as Mammoth Tanks or Tesla Tanks that can be used to great effect against other units. Typically games that do not end with base destruction will come down to the final minutes for point accumulation and be determined by which team has more, thus increasing the pressure as time counts down.

  • Current State

The game as of Jan 30th, 2019 is monitored and updated by the staff at The game is also being developmentally lead by staff member "Pushwall" and in a consistent state of being updated for better gameplay based on feedback from players. As of recent the game has had a lot of new units and features added to it which were previously thought impossible for the Game Engine to handle. Graphics have also been extensively refined to the point of an almost modern take on Renegade where special effects and lighting that the game engine can use has been pushed to the absolute max.