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"Chronojam (the brains behind Gamma) was slowly working on Delta quite some time before 2015, though I'm unsure of how long ago; I (re)joined the testing team in January/February 2014 and the Delta project was clearly in a shamblesvery early stage, basically all of the unit resistances/weapon damage types were busted and there was only a small handful of functional maps; it was just a testbed for some of the new scripts featuresthe primary thing being worked on were new scripts features, some of which couldn't even be tested properly on account of the broken unit stats.  Several months later, basically nothing had changed on the balance front, just a small handful of refinements to the scripts features he'd planned, so who knows how long CJ's Delta had been languishing in development hell and would continue to do so without help.At that point a few of us testers figured we could help speed things up. Namely, myself and Pyryle. We were some It was evident that the balance model of old had been dropped, and would eventually be rewritten from the ground up.

So I got to thinking: how would I balance APB if I could do it from the ground up? As one of the most prolific players of APB even in the downtime of Gamma , compared to CJ who hadn't played for years, so we knew how the game really worked, and by mid 2014 we also had a rudimentary understanding of LevelEdit and the most pivotal .ini files and were experimenting with our own visions for game balance. Pyryle used the Gamma version as a base for his tweaks, which got accepted as an unofficial patch for Gamma that brought some life back to it as he had resolved quite a few of the niggling problems with the game. I used the Delta version as a base and, since everything was broken anyway, I decided to just write a new balance model from scratch, with Nuclear Winter as the inspiration for a lot of things.

Both of these projects were run by the testing team once they were playable and they were both heartily applauded. Souljack, one of the admins at the time, asked the APB team if they could take us on to help with balance. He first reached out to Pyryle, but Pyryle didn't have the spare time to commit to more of this.

I was swimming in free time though so I got the job, and from that point I was keeping the balance (along with Pyryle who was working on balance refinements for the public Gamma version), I felt I could provide a solid base for CJ to work with. Messing with the data files for my own use, I eventually created something that I felt CJ and the rest of the testing team might be interested in: an actual balance model taking heavy inspiration from Nuclear Winter (Beta 1.4), the very first version of the game that I had played back in 2010, and combining it with the few good parts of Gamma and the new stuff CJ had planned. Pyryle and I exchanged notes on a lot of matters which helped refine both of our experiences further. Both of our projects were run by the testing team once they were playable, and they were both heartily applauded.

Souljack, one of the admins of BHP at the time, asked the APB team if they could take us on board to help with balance. He first reached out to Pyryle, but Pyryle didn't have the spare time to commit to more of this. I was swimming in free time though so I got the job, and from that point I was keeping the balance fixed to a point where gameplay features that required some semblance of balance to test were testable.  (Maybe some upstart tester needs to take this approach with one of the other projects to kick their development into high gear Image Removed) There was soon very little of that to that to test though, as Chronojam had begun to drift to drift further away from us due to real life issues; by the time W3D Hub sprung up (end of Jan 2015), CJ wasn't even working on the game anymore. However, he still owned the game.

This ultimately meant that there was no way W3D Hub could get APB to join, so they didn't even bother reaching out to anyone who could make it happen; CJ had far too much misplaced trust in Souljack/Catalyst to give those who would oppose them any respect, and if they'd tried to get someone on the APB team to "steal" APB from CJ that would have caused even more problems. I didn't realise any of this at the time, so I was not thrilled with what, to me, looked like W3D Hub spitting on APB by excluding them from the club.

Come early-mid 2015, CJ's real life issues had hit their zenith (but he probably also lost interest in working on a game whose community had all moved elsewhere and wanted someone else to dump it on), and he finally entrusted full control of APB to me and TruYuri, though TruYuri had no interest in developing; at this point the APB development team was pretty much just me, ChopBam, ICE, Aprime, and a few of the "old" staffers who showed up maybe once a month to meme about W3D Hub and say that maaaaybe they can do something for APB but really it was clear that they had no interest.

Over the year my animosity towards W3D Hub had lessened a little, helped by the fact that they were right about the BHP admins getting too big for their boots.

In October/November 2015, shortly after the BHP admins went too far, we began preparations . By the time W3D Hub sprung up (end of Jan 2015), CJ wasn't even working on the game anymore, and by about March, he decided to entrust full control of APB to me and TruYuri, though TruYuri had no interest in developing; at this point the APB development team was mainly me, ChopBam, ICE and Aprime, along with one or two others I've forgotten because their contributions and presence were so infrequent compared to the main four.

While I was initially unhappy with W3D Hub for the split, over the year I started to see the reason for their disdain for BHP's admins. In October/November, we ran into our own irreconcilable issues with said admins, and began preparations to move to W3D Hub, where we would later be welcomed with open arms, but Aprime and the aforementioned lazy launcher guy (rm5248) didn't approve of us moving to W3D Hub. Everyone else active and involved with APB took little to no issue with moving to W3D Hub, so unfortunately these two cut ties with us (though Aprime did keep his promise of providing me with more textures after the fact).In the early days of January be welcomed with open arms. Most of the active APB staff took no issue with this maneuver (though we did have to part ways with a few), and by January 2016, almost a full year after the opening of W3D Hub, I released APB Delta there both our move of home and the initial release of APB Delta were complete, and the community gap was bridged."

End Quote from Pushwall

In 2015 a multitude of longtime staff and players started to split off from Bluehell Productions and form a game that they wanted based also on what the player feedback was. In this process was proudly created with the goal and intentions of being to continue listening to the player base on what should go into the game. A Path Beyond along with hosting games based on the W3D Game Engine (What Command and Conquer Renegade uses to display/render everything and the heart of any game based off of it.) With a new site created, W3Dhub wasted no time polishing APB to what it claims will be the "Final Major update to APB". A Path Beyond "Delta" was since released and as told by the community took a "Return to Forum" that made the game great like in Beta. The graphics were updated and pushed the W3D engine to limits it has never seen before, multiple issues with lag were addressed, the game now gives points fairly to each team, advanced A.I. was introduced for some maps, a small accuracy penalty for jumping or running was implemented and new previously considered impossible units such as the Crono-Tank and MIG Jet Engines were added.