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  • There is an ATM inside the apartment complex outside of your base. Capture this immediately as it's difficult for GDI to capture and usually forgotten but will lead a significant role the sooner you have it. Hell capture GDI's as well while you're at it . ********LEFT OFF HERE*******
    After you've handled that Obelisk Gun business you can then focus on killing GDI harvester. Inside the bunker right outside your base near the Tiberium Field there will be an armor, health and Rocket Launcher power ups which you can use to kill GDI harvester and camp there. Hold this position early on and it will really help you out the whole entire match.
    When you kill GDI harvester and defend your own you can then use the rocket launcher to hit GDI power plant or Refinery. Hitting these will help divert troops from attacking you to repair their base. Furthermore it will help you and your team gain points.
    Your first vehicle this map should be a good all around cost effective machine because your primary purpose is going to be killing GDI harvester, hitting GDI base when your done and preparing to take hits from enemy units trying to get their economy back including a constant camping rocket launcher infantry from their bunker. The best vehicles I've found for this is the $600 Nod M6 Linebacker. This unit not only kills aircraft but will eat infantry alive with skillful aiming from VERY long range. Hop out with your rocket launcher, kill Nod Harvester and use the long range to harass GDI Vehicles/Buildings. Use a Nod Tank Crew or Nod Tank Commander to auto repair your vehicle because snipers will kill you on GDI if you hop out and repair. You'll also need to be on the move constantly.(inside their apartment complex on the first floor as well).

  • You can instantly start gaining the lead on GDI by purchasing an Anti Tank Rifleman/Buggy and hitting GDI Turrets/SAM Sites. This will prove invaluable for better vehicles later on and it'll be hard to kill you are it's early on in-game still.

  • Go inside the "Factories" outside but shooting the silver doors surrounding it. There are vehicles in there you can capture and sell if you don't like them.

  • An absolutely perfect vehicle for this map is the M6 Linebacker. Early on the armor will be difficult to kill, the

  • Another good vehicle is the stealth tank as it's fast, stealth'd and can hit things very long range. Harass the GDI Power Plant with your unguided missiles (The fire farther than the guided) from mid field after killing the GDI Harvester.