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  • Taking to the field you can get a Petrova which should help you balance out against any infantry. After you are in the field you're going to want to explore the sheds are as there are stealth suits along with an obelisk gun there. Getting the Obelisk gun and taking out defenses will help later on.

  • Get a Nod Anti Tank Infantry man or Rocket Soldier to destroy GDI defenses.

  •  After you hold the middle field, capture and do your best to hold the forgotten Tiberium Silo to help get your team to tech up. 

  • A surefire way to make your life easier as nod is to gather as many Shock Troopers as you can and meet for a rush at the HON. Go through the tunnels until you get to the GDI Infantry Barracks tunnel. There, you and your team can blow up the wall and then hit the barracks hard, hopefully destroying it. Your chances of a successful rush go up as you gather more people to rush.

  • There are some Nod Tanks that can go through the tunnels because they are small enough. The Goliath is one of them.

  • There is a hidden Tiberium Machine in the Tunnel near where the Nod Harvester goes. Destroy it as GDI will have captured it and take it for yourself. Typically no one will notice with how hidden it is. It is unfairly placed closer to GDI at the moment but will ensure that it's more difficult for GDI to get an advantage if you keep destroying it.

Mid-Game Tips

  • Get ready because ORCAs are going to start appearing and quick.

  •  A general good unit if you can save up for it is the 9K22 Tunguska. The missiles this thing has will help fend off Orca's along with seriously damage vehicles that come through. survive with this vehicle for a while and the points will start to add up for you. Hit inf with the missiles for a 1 hit K/O To make things even sweeter use this monster to kill Sam Sites with its missiles.

  • There may be a person or two on the cliffs at nod base at this point. Hit them with the 9K22 MissilesAutocannons or a Sniper Rifle.

  • Typically at this point, GDI will start saving up or begin sending mammoth tanks to your base. Be aware and ready for it.


  • The terrain due to the cliffs will really start to favor Infantry as they hide in the tunnels. Typically you'll get attacked by Sydney with a Personal Ion Cannon here and there so be weary whatever you do when attacking GDI base.

  • Use your Tunguska missiles to hit ships before they make it to your base. If you see a battleship, alert your team immediately.

  • Mammoth Tanks will begin to hit your base and hit hard. While terrifying at first, it must be remembered you have the advantage here. If you hide in your base, you can repair yourself quickly, you'll also gain massive points for killing said mammoth tanks. What you want to use to take out the mammoth tanks is up to you, but a Hyper velocity Gun an infrared Stealth Tank or 120mm Tick Tank is always a good choice.

  • The number one thing stopping you and your team from victory is the defenses right outside GDI base. If you can destroy these with a group camping where GDI harvester does its business then you can win the game. This however requires AA (9K22 Tunguska) and an artillery unit to destroy the defenses. Furthermore mammoth tanks will be leaving GDI base quickly to rush.

  • GDI Mammoth Tanks have a slow turret turn rate. Kick their ass with Ezekiel Stealth tanks.


  • If you're looking for an Ion Cannon there typically is one on the abandoned ships. This is important because if you gather an Ion Beacon you can get a Nuke Beacon as well. Keep theses and wait for the perfect moment to strike/deploy both.

  •  Again, a general good unit if you can save up for it (2800) is the 9K22 Tunguska. The missiles this thing has will help fend off Orca's along with seriously damage vehicles that come through. survive with this vehicle for a while and the points will start to add up for you. The long range distance this has is invaluable to this map and will give you a huge advantage.

  • Typically at this point, GDI will roll some Air Craft out to disrupt operations in the field. Ensure you have a good AA plan.

  • Keep in mind that vehicles such as the Infrared Stealth Tank can go through the tunnels near your Power Plant. Use this as an advantage and hit where they won't be expecting it. Using this vehicle to sit in the tunnels and hit the power plant is extremely effective and will add up points very very quickly. It will also allow your team to move up while GDI is repairing/dealing with you. Keeping GDI in their base while attacking helps to protect your base.


  • Place some Anti Tank mines in the field. Specifically the bridge.

  • Holding the Tiberium Silo won't affect the outcome to much but will definitely help get some credits for your team. Skip the forgotten WF and get fix the Tiberium Silos first.

  • Watch the power plant as Nod favors destroying it early through the tunnel.

  • If you'd like you can purchase a Zippo Flame Tank ($800) early game to hold the tunnels near your power plant. The tank will easily fit through and kill any infantry unfortunate enough to find you.

Mid-Game Tips

  • During mid-game, the battles will start to take place on the bridge. While nod is attacking, do no forget that the middle of the bridge can be destroyed. If for some reason Nod It's possible to go through a tunnel in the middle up to Nod Refinery for an early rush. However you have to swim through a narrow corridor to do so, avoid the Nod Obelisk quickly by taking cover, then running into the Nod Refinery and killing the guard, then destroying the ceiling gun which is can 1 hit kill easily and then blowing up the Nod Refinery. Not an easy task but possible still..

Mid-Game Tips

  • During mid-game, the battles will start to take place on the bridge. While nod is attacking, do no forget that the middle of the bridge can be destroyed. If for some reason Nod has a high armor unit, it may be easier to blow up the middle of the bridge than attack said unit.

  •  I'm gonna level with you here. The Forgotten WF is pretty useless unless your War Factory blew up. Don't bother wasting time fixing it.

  • Getting out of your vehicle for repairs here is going to be difficult as GDI due to Stealth Tanks, Stealth Aircraft, Narrow battle zone, Buildings hiding infantry near by and a lot of the map covered in Tiberium or water. Therefor if you're going to battle and need repairs I would recommend buying a GDI tank ace to help heal your tank by 12hp every 4 seconds or so passively.

  • Keeping the battle at the end of the bridge on Nods side will help allow your GDI units behind you to move across the bridge and continue your assault.

  • You can use a GDI Tank Ace or Commander to run up on the coastal gun and plant a dynamite. There are also a couple SAM sites along the way that can be blown up if you move fast enough.


  •  Your goal will be to starve Nod of its credits to prevent them from repelling your offense. Kill any vehicle that opposes you and your team. Do not let vehicles get away to fix themselves.

  • If credits are tough, a Sydney with a Personal Ion Cannon is a great way to help push back Nod. There are many places to hide and attacking tanks in the field will grant a lot of points.

  • If all is going well, look out for Goliath's. There are alot of places for them to hide and though they are uncommon due to the price increase recently they still could be lurking.

Late-Game Tips

  • At this point you should have a lot of credits. Getting a Mammoth 36 Inch tank and parking it outside GDI base will allow to 1 hit kill a lot of Nod Tanks along with ensure the field is yours. This will net a lot of points and secure your victory if your team is competent.


  • There is an ATM inside the apartment complex outside of your base. Capture this immediately as it's difficult for GDI to capture and usually forgotten but will lead a significant role the sooner you have it. Hell capture GDI's as well while you're at it (inside their apartment complex on the first floor as well).

  • You can instantly start gaining the lead on GDI by purchasing an Anti Tank Rifleman/Buggy and hitting GDI Turrets/SAM Sites. This will prove invaluable for better vehicles later on and it'll be hard to kill you are it's early on in-game still.

  • Go inside the "Factories" outside but shooting . Shoot the silver doors surrounding it. There are vehicles in there you can capture and sell if you don't like them.

  • An absolutely perfect vehicle for this map is the M6 Linebacker. Early on the armor will be difficult to kill, the AA missiles are great and the long range 20mm Cannon can kill defenses easily.

  • Another good vehicle is the stealth tank as it's fast, stealth'd and can hit things very long range. Harass the GDI Power Plant with your unguided missiles (The fire farther than the guided) from mid field after killing the GDI Harvester.
  • You can also purchase a Nod Anti Tank Rifleman to hold the field early on. This guy will really be annoying for GDI in any situation and provides a great early economic solution to their tanks. Stuff at this point should be going pretty steady and you're hopefully getting your harvester back to make some money. If not then keep defending and try to save your harvester.Hit the GDI Sam Sites with this guy and defenses early on.

  • If you're going to get an infantry, it should be a Petrova. You're going to encounter a lot of combat and need every advantage you can. Use the chemical grenades for units behind cover and the Mantis Tiberium Rifle to heal yourself (By firing at the ground). Though I really do recommend using a vehicle because Petrova costs a lot, can be sniped/artillery, runs out of ammo, not as good against vehiclesPetrova will be able to hide in the middle and really hold the field properly/support your team.

  • If your team is holding the field and you just feel like doing your own thing then you can get a rocket soldier to go solo and take out GDI base defenses. Just be careful of snipers. Use the bottom of the Reticle Circle to aim long distance and hit your target.

  • Get someone from your team to mine your base or suffer the consequences early on. These buildings are very easy to enter and destroy.

Mid-Game Tips

  • Mid game when you can, trade your M6 Line Back for a T-62 Double Barrel Tank. Use this baby to absolutely wreck every single vehicle GDI sends at you. Basically stay at the entrance of your base and hit any GDI vehicle that comes out of their base and keep killing that harvester. You're going to have to contend now with Mammoth Tanks and how you deal with these tanks will dictate which team gains the momentum. If GDI starts to gain ground and you can't hold the field then you're going to want to use your T-62 to hit GDI vehicles from a distance and your rocket launcher you picked up from the bunker.
    A rush below 5 people is not worth it with GDI defenses still up. What will happen is GDI will see you quickly due to size of the map/layout. The GDI will be mid field hitting you on your way and when you get into GDI base everything will be hitting you. Therefor before you attempt any rush, hit those base defenses and knock them out for a better attack.
    If your team has the field then go up on the bridge and hit GDI defenses along with having a perfect vantage point of the field to help your team.
    If you have $2,400 and your team is halfway decent/good. Then get a Koksan Artillery piece to deploy on your hill and hit GDI Power Plant. The splash damage will just absolutely destroy the GDI base, infantry and defenses. This seriously if not taken care of will be a game ender for GDI along with helping you get in the lead.

Late-Game Tips

  • Late game GDI will be taking the field and Harvester destruction will begin to matter less and less as an amass of vehicles rolls out from both sides. Your primary mission now is to help your team move up to destroy GDI Power Plant and how you're going to do that is hitting GDI vehicles out in the middle of the field. Use the T-62 due to it's range and a Nod Tank Aceyou're going to have to read the field and decide what's going to happen to help your team best. For example if GDI is rolling out a lot of tank then get a T-62 to help push them back, earn points and take the field. If GDI has a lot of aircraft then a M6 Linebacker is going to be your best bet.. you can help your team on the ground with this along with launching missiles in the air at ORCA's to ensure your tanks survive. If you have a lot of money and are skilled then get a Anti Tank Comanche and stay alive at all costs. You'll rack up vehicle kills and stall GDI economy. No matter what, mid game you need to get out there and do something as GDI will build up strength and steamroll you if you stay in base.

  • A big risk but big reward is getting a Koksan Artillery up in the middle to destroy the GDI Advanced guard tower. Assuming you can get the arty up there you have to ensure that your team will support you in the middle because you're exposed on all side (with Aircraft especially). Do note however you have a massive splash damage that you'll be able to use against people repairing AGT.

  • Remember, destroy the GDI ATM inside their apartment complex. Don't let them hold it any longer.

  • If you are feeling risky still, you can get an Infiltrator with a Black Hand Engineer to drive around the rear of GDI base. There will be a little ledge that this bad boy will fit through and a TOW missile Tower you will need to kill. Kill it and then repair your vehicle. Keep driving and to the left will be a tunnel. Drive through the tunnel and you'll be right next to GDI Ref where you can then blow it up... but be careful not to get killed by the GDI Auto Cannon Tower. Once you're inside the Refinery call for !am (Ammo) and start placing proxie mines like crazy around you. Place timed C4 and remote C4, then pick up the ammo and do it again and then blow up the GDI Refinery.

Late-Game Tips

  • Late game GDI will be sending out the big guns with Titans, Railgun Mammoths and fast moving vehicles becoming frequent. Constantly remind your team to re-mine the base over and over when you see mines be activated. Also be prepared to slug it out with these tanks using a T-62 tank or Ezekiel Stealth Tank as the fact that these vehicles are even out in the field shows that your team has not picked up the initiative and there is no decisive winner currently.

  • If you want to just be an all around unit then go with the infrared tank and help patrol the outer rim of your base, hitting those GDI tanks in the middle.
    GDI in large player games will purchase ORCA Bombers and then go kamikaze style to blow up your airstrip. The way you can prevent this from happening is by keeping constant contact with your team on the status as to what GDI is doing, killing GDI Harvester/Silo to slow down production and constantly harassing their buildings. If you let GDI's economy build up and don't harass them then they will use this tactic and win. Once the ORCA bombers are airborne it'll be to late to do anything because of how hard they are to kill.. Join any rush your team plans immediately.

  • It is possible to gather 3 to 4 Ezekiel Stealth Tanks and drive up the GDI War Factory Hill. Use your team to just hammer the hell out of the GDI War Factory and blow it up. Assuming you get to the hill undetected you have a good chance of being successful. If you're getting attacked before you get to the hill get your team to retreat and do it again from the other side. It's not worth it to loose all those vehicles trying to fight against the defenses, Tanks, aircraft and GDI Team. Trust me. 

  • If you're very skilled you can use a Stealth Comanche Anti Tank Helicopter ($2,750) to just take out every GDI vehicle in the field. If you can avoid the Mammoth Tank Rocket Pods, Ramjet's and 1 shot Railgun Titans then you can completely decimate GDI and hold the field while camping your base. Being a Nod Tank Ace is crucial as you won't be able to repair while retreating in mid air. This can be the difference between life/death along with helping repair yourself a tinny bit after taking a hit. You can also use this vehicle to kill ORCA's of any caliber. A very very good all around vehicle if you have the skill and balls to use it correctly.

Playing as GDI:Playing as

GDI is on this map is a good time if you know what you're doing and your team is halfway decent. You can get a good number of units on your ridge to hit Nod Base and camp their harvester but should be on the watch for Nod Stealth Tanks as they can take the field early on to get the lead and possibly rush. Your goal here will be to of course hit Nod Harvester but also to organize a rush on Nod Buildings once your economy gets going. Read on to find out which vehicles you can use to hit long distance and really hurt Nod.

Early Game Tips


's sole victory here depends on gathering your team to hit Nod Base hard. The obelisk makes it very difficult to rush Nod Base effectively so the only way you can is by hitting Nod's refinery. Next up for GDI, if you cannot gather your team together for a rush then your other option is to take out the obelisk yourself which can be done with a variety of units. This map ends typically in base destruction rather than point deadlock.

Early Game Tips

  • Go out to the middle of the field and capture the GDI ATM/Forgotten Silo. These two things will help boost your economy early and get things going.

  • After fighting for the middle a bit you can up the gameplay a bit by getting a AVRE Mortar tank. This bad boy right here will be able to one hit kill Nod Stealth Tanks, take a good beating and also outrage the Nod Obelisk. Combine with a GDI Tank Crew for auto repairs. The Nod Obelisk attack range is near the edge of where the Nod Apartment Complexes are so watch yourself. Basically if you can stay away out of range then you can hit the Nod Obelisk from a distance and at the very least rack up some points along with guard the Forgotten Silo. Watch out for infantry in the apartment complex!

  • When you hit 1200 Credits get the AMX-13/30mm. This bad boy has a MASSIVE secondary range 30mm auto cannon. Use the auto cannon to stay outside your base and kill Nod Harvester, after you're done with that then hit Nod Power Plant with the secondary gunout of Range from the obelisk and instead deal damage to it. This 30mm auto cannon does more damage long term than the main cannon itself.. furthermore it will splash, burn damage and 1 hit infantry in the head if you learn to aim it correctly. A powerful great tank early on that can hold it's own. When you get an enemy unit to low health use the main tank cannon to finish them off quickly.
    Nod sometimes rushes the Power Plant at the very start of the game with 4 Engineers in a Truck. Keep your eyes open.

Mid-Game Tips

  • If you haven't gotten a GDI vehicle by now you're going to want to as Nod will be rolling out some vehicles of their own to deal with you. Any GDI infantry is just way to slow at this point to help against what's going to happen.

  • If you'd like you can get a Rocket Soldier Office to hit defenses early on.

Mid-Game Tips

  • Mid game the Mortar Tank idea above is really going to be your best bet on this map due to all the cover you can utilize. Update that tank crew with a Tank Ace for higher Auto Repairs. Keep hitting the Obelisk with this tank or even the Hand of Nod while you're in the middle hill. You're going to be racking up points and making sure Nod has to stay on the defense which will allow your economy to grow and your team to purchase more powerful vehicles.

  • You can get some different vehicles to hold the field. Most namely is the one above (AMX-13/30mm), Mammoth Tank 120mm, or the $1,400 AVRE Mortar Tank (This tank requires a bit of skill to get right long distance wise)

  • This map is so short and dynamic that getting out to repair your vehicle will take you out of the fight to long. Get an Auto Repairing Infantry (Tank crew or Ace) and retreat to the GDI repair pad if you ever need repairs. This will get you back in the game quicker, make sure your tank doesn't get stolen and also let you hold the field way better.


  • Use a Challenger Stage 2 ($1,800) to set up above the ridge middle and destroy vehicles from abovethat drive up along with siege Nod Base.. You can hit Nod Power Plant Obelisk all the way from this location with some skillful aiming. Be sure to choose your location carefully as it should be close to GDI base but just enough to hit Nod Obelisk maybe even the Hand of Nod. Should anyone attack you then you should be supported by your team coming into the middle for backup. Combine with Tank Ace for auto repairs.

Late-Game Tips

  • Purchase a Mammoth 36 inch Tank. Park this bad boy outside the front of your base and hit Nod Power Plant constantly. Retreat if you need repairs to the Service Depot.

  • Use the Titan Railgun to march straight to Nod Base and kill their Power Plant. Use the left click as if fires faster and is meant for buildings/vehicles. You'll make quick work of anything leaving or staying in their base.