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(Written and created by Threve on August 24th, 2018) Please note that this guide was created for A Path Beyond but can be used as well for any other W3D type game such as Interim Apex, ECW or Renegade. Simply use the Always.dat from said game instead.

Skill level: 2


Table of Contents


My name is Threve. I've played APB since the start of beta (20102008) and have (like you) wanted to modify the files to my tasting. I've been editing APB files ever since and haven't stopped. In a nutshell, there are 4 main types of files in APB.


4. .dds Files (These are what make up the paint/skin/texture of everything in the game. This is what we will be learning to modify today. Almost all can be modified except some special ones such as the sniper rifle scope due to possible cheating.)


With this, we need some tools so that we can get down to business. I've taken the liberty of uploading every single thing you need to get started


Turn up the tolerance to 100%. This will allow us to paint the whole picture.


Cntrl + A to select the whole entire Texture. Then left click on the texture and it will paint the whole screen pink.


First off we are going to make something gold. I typically find that weapons seem to look best in gold though you can of course extend this out to vehicles and anything else if you'd like to mess around with settings. Lets see what we can do with the MP5. 

To do this we are going to open up the file in The .dds texture is named w_mp5.


As you can see where the light in game shines on it can make it change the brightness very quickly. The beauty of modifying is you can mess around with this till it's your liking. Honestly! If it is to bright or not bright enough for you then like a chef, mix and match till it is to your taste!


While making stuff different colors is pretty cool it's also possible to completely change the layout of a vehicle into something groundbreaking such as a Tron Tank. Do be aware that this can take an extremely long time such as 2 hours depending on how detailed you want for it to get and how much detail the model requires to actually make it recognizable. Let us take the medium tank for example.


It is also possible after all this hard work to easily change the color. Since all the Medium tanks are the same file with different colors you can save this one as the forest, change the color to white and then save it as Snow, Change the color to pink and save it as Urban or whatever you'd like. To change the color select Adjustments> Hue/Saturation and mess around with it till you get what you desire. 

Save both the turret and chassis and put it in the Data folder as shown earlier then fire up the game and try it out.