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The user's current state also affects their resistance. This is achieved using the resistance multipliers, e.g crouching can be expected to increase the user's ability to resist the recoil impulses, while jumping has the opposite effect.

NOTE: the recoil resistance parameter must be nonzero, otherwise the recoil impulse will never decay and will endlessly throw off the user's aim.

Recoil recovery

Recovery is an optional mechanic that allows for automatically correcting the user's aim. After the resistance has reduced the recoil angular velocity to zero, the recovery will take over and move the user's aim back toward the center of their recoil pattern. The recoil recovery parameter sets the speed of this effect, so an appropriate value must be found to make the transition look natural. The recovery also depends on the recoil pattern size, which sets a limit on how far the user's aim can deviate before it can no longer be returned to the original position. If the recoil impulses move the user's aim beyond the pattern radius, then the pattern itself will "drift" with the recoil, and the recovery will only restore the aim to the new center position of the pattern.


Recoil parameters
Recoil parameters
Recoil parameters